About us

At the end of 2014, when the first ideas were born, we didn’t know that we’ll deal with catering. Back then we just thought, that we want to make creams, dips, sauces, and to serve them in a nice robe. We dreamed about a place where you can choose between delicious beyond  dip creams.


We first heard at the beginning of the year 2015,about the Restaurant Day movement, and we decided that this would be a good opportunity to try it for real what already dimmed together by then in our head.In May,in the coffee shop called ALAP we opened a pop-up our restaurant  for one day only, which finally  became a pretty successful event , so that we began seriously deal with Mártogatós


After a short while, the first requests came to different events , which  finally grew into more and more orders. That time we already saw that the cateringmarket was a real gap market and  can extend into a huge something which has not existed upto now, since the dip concept offers a complete alternative to usual cold cuts, ham sandwiches, cake rolls, etc. in addition to a much healthier form.

Finally, it happened that catering has become our main activity of what we are trying to meet ever higher standards. Inthe meantime we met chef Gál Attila (Márgál Restaurant– Michelin recommendationscurrently Piknik Utczabár Food Truck owner, who helped us tobget started and to fine-tune lot of our dishes.In  spring 2016 we created a new, separate kitchen background, and even started to work out the details of the delivery ( házhozszállítás)

We can certainly promise that you will see us at more and more places,and  in fact, the initial dreams still exist, we still did not gave them up!

Here are some photos from the day of birth of Mártogatós: