New wave, healthy catering

Give health

Your guests are the most important for you. Both vegans and meat eaters will find their favourites from our offer. All of our dips are free from gluten, sugar and preservatives. It is a perfect healthy catering for everyone who is bored of the world of finger food, sandwiches and ham rolls.

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Act for the future

We have obtained “sustainable catering” qualification, which means that we are trying our best to purchase most of the ingredients locally, or that we do not use palm oil, for instance. We recycle rubbish even at our events, the green waste generated in our kitchen goes to our own composter.

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Build your brand

One of the specialities of Mártogatós catering is that it is very easy to tailor to one’s own profile. Our food is served on a scenic, wooden installation which provides an immediate topic for discussion for the guests; and they will just then receive the cups with your logo stuck on. They will make a connection between you and the experience!

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“It was very good to see that my guests were looking for the newer and newer Mártogatós nibbles in excitement!”
Andrea Osvárt
actress, producer
“Nothing annoys me more than people sitting down next to me in the cinema dipping nachos. I never knew that it can be done so well, in such an attractive, youthful way.”
Tamás Puskás
director - Centrál Theatre
TEDx Danubia

catering is an EXPERIENCE

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